How much time do your employees actually waste on slide production? Do the slides your employees create look professional? Are you proud to present them at board meetings?

Presentations play an important role in the internal and external communication of many companies. But, more often than not, they look unprofessional, even though their creator has invested much time and effort in the creation of the slides. Time s/he could have spend more productively. PRESIX analyses your processes, optimizes working aids, and trains your employees according to their needs.



In a first step, PRESIX analyses the status quo within the company regarding the creation of presentations, qualification of the employees responsible, use of possible aids and implementation processes.

Having established the requirement, PRESIX works out a catalogue of tailored levers to increase quality and speed of presentation creation (see Services) for your company.

This catalogue can contain tools which have been designed by PRESIX for your company, as well as training methods for your employees - or a mixture of both. PRESIX makes recommendations, but you make the decision.

Depending on your wishes, the levers chosen will be combined to create a plan of steps towards optimizing the efficiency of your presentation creation. The schedule will be made in close cooperation with you, in order to reach the highest number of employees possible for training methods, whilst guaranteeing the most effective order of single steps possible.

The portfolio will be rounded off with a number of related services, which PRESIX does not provide directly, but for which an established highest quality network can be brokered.

There are any number of consultants and trainers, but very few of them ...

  • .... offer the exact portfolio offered by PRESIX (and so much from one source). Failing to analyse requirements usually means a major prerequisite for effective improvement methods is also lacking.
  • ... offer the specific experience from an industry with comparably high focus on presentation as PRESIX can (see vita/references).
  • ... can offer as comprehensive a network of additional services.

Providers who specialize in the services provided within the PRESIX network, on the other hand, usually provide no (or very limited) analysis and training services.

If you, the client, are looking for a number of different services as part of creating your presentations, then take advantage of one-stop shopping at PRESIX.


Why PRESIX? So that your presentations look professional and are created quickly.