The services provides by PRESIX have been divided into three sections

In addition there are a variety of additional service, which PRESIX does not provide directly, but for which an established highest quality network can be brokered. The possibilities for optimizing presentation creation in your company are diverse. Talk to PRESIX. Let us find the right levers together.


The basis of a tailor-made catalogue of measures is the analysis of status quo and requirements in order to discover the discrepancies between the two. PRESIX explores, for example,
  • the technical prerequisites
  • the interplay between corporate branding and presentation templates
  • corporate guidelines regarding slide design
  • qualification of creators with regard to techniques, content and design
  • availability of additional tools/aids
  • the process of slide creation
  • quality assurance procedures
PRESIX then develops a catalogue of possible measures based on this analysis and presents them to you for you to make your choice.
Depending on the results of the requirements analysis, possible measures could include
  • Creation or optimization of the slide master to adapt it to the corporate identity/brand (find examples here)
  • Creation or optimization of the slide master from a technical point of view
  • Creation of copy/paste templates for standard elements
  • Creation or optimization of design guides
  • Creation or optimization of spelling guidelines (German and/or English)
  • Creation of sample presentations containing regularly used slides as templates
  • Creation of map collections
  • Speech-supporting animation of regularly used slides to guide the audience
  • Programming of VBA-Add-Ins for common static objects
  • Programming of VBA-Add-Ins for additional tools
  • Creation of a schedule for the preparation of pitches
Each step of any or all measures which influence the design of your presentations will be undertaken only in close cooperation and agreement with you.
Even the very best templates and tools are useless if no one knows how to use them. Therefore PRESIX offers trainings on such subjects as
  • The process of slide creation
  • MS PowerPoint® – with different focus areas and tailored to the level of knowledge of participants:
    • Basics
    • Advanced
    • Working with additional tools for the efficient processing of data
    • Visualization of data-driven charts (slidewriting with this focus)
    • Design (aesthetic and consistent presentations)
    • Slide creation in external formats
    • The basics of animation
    • Animation for advanced learners
Duration and group sizes of the training offers generally depend upon the results of the requirements analysis.